How does the Board Possum install to my bindings?

The Board Possum attaches to the inside of your front binding using two easily accessible mounting points on your bindings. Hardware is provided with each Board Possum to attach it to your bindings. An install walkthrough video can be seen at the following link: 


Does the Board Possum obstruct the movement of the binding it is attached to?

No, the Board Possum attaches using preexisting bolts or an easily accessible mounting point on your binding. This way it is out of the way of all moving parts of your binding.


Will the Board Possum work with XXXXX bindings?

The dial back on the Board Possum was designed so that the Board Possum could easily mount to a variety of binding brands.


Will the Board Possum work with both goofy and standard riders?

Yes, as long as the Board Possum is correctly mounted to the inside of your front binding.


Will the Board Possum work with youth snowboarders?

Yes, the Board Possum works for both youth and adult snowboarders. This is possible thanks to the adjustable hook that attaches to the safety bar on the chair lift.



Why does the Board Possum have to attach to the front binding?

If the Board Possum is not attached to the inside of the front binding the weight of your snowboard, boots, and bindings, are not evenly distributed. By attaching the Board Possum to the front binding, it is able to take all of the combined weight off of your knee and transfer it to the safety bar via the adjustable hook.



How much weight does the Board Possum help to relieve from my knee?

Through testing various combinations of boards, boots, and bindings, we have concluded that most of these combinations weigh in at around 15 pounds. This of course can vary slightly with different brands and sizes.